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Hey Folks:

Thanks for checking out my music. The songs in my MP3 Player are just a small sample of my music.

1. True Blue Forever: is a love song ... a duet ... I was delighted to have the great Toronto singer Ruth Frolic to sing with on this ... "my heart will always be true blue forever."

2. Once In A Blue Moon ... so many people go through life lost inside themselves ... like a lonely shell ... I just wanted to write a song to tell people there's hope ... "once in a blue moon, love is goina find you."

3. Loretta: ... this song is an homage to the great Townes van Zandt ... if you know Townes' music, you know he wrote a song called "Loretta" too ... it goes "Loretta, she's my barmaid girl" ... this song is my fantasy about how Townes and Loretta might have met ...

4. Mary ... is a song about one of the most amazing people I've ever met ... a homeless woman who used to live on the streets of Toronto, who I befriended ... she was a refugee from Europe, from the Second World War ... who knows what suffering she must have endured ... she reminded me of my grandmother ... and I wrote this song for her.

5. Evangeline ... is a jazzy love song ... just a little ditty to pass away the time ... this very simple song seems to be one of my most requested.

6. River a simple little love song ... I just love when the cello comes in ... I feel like the song gives you teh feeling of a river flowing on forever ...

7. Freedom Train ...I wrote this after going to the Martin Luther King (Civil Rights Museum) in Memphis ... I entered a dark theatre where people wer watching a video of MLK's last speech ... everybody was sobbing ... we must never forget ... I hope the song embodies a bit of the JOY that MLK would feel today ... he didn't live to see the mountaintop, but he helped us get there ...

8. Isla Mujeres ... I visited this little island off the coast of Cancun years ago ... I was so moved by the beauty of the landscape ... and the poverty and generous spirit of the people ... if you go there, say hello to the sea for me

9. Le Pont des Arts ... I went to Paris and found this little bridge over the Seine where young people gather every night with candles, bottles of wine, and bread and cheese ... I was filled with joy to see these young hippies sitting and singing "Blowing In The Wind" with French accents ...

10. Miracle (The Ballad of Richard Marlatt) ...Richard Marlatt was an old unique fellow who came to my open stage in Toronto and sang Hank Williams songs in his own folksy style ... he was a true character .. a very poor man who also made paintings of Hank Williams ... he died tragically one Christmas ... and I wrote this song to remember him.

11. Homeless ...I describe in the song so many of the homeless people I have known ... so many people fall through the cracks of our society ... and they become almost invisible to us ... we mustn't let this happen ... we must never forget that "there but for the grace of God go us."

12. Tomorrow Is A Friend of Mine ... is a jazzy little ditty about "hope" ... I wanted to end the CD with a "hopeful" song ... and leave people with a good feeling ... my good friend, Julian Fauth (Juno Winner) plays piano ...


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